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Charity Hub – Using Filters & Queries to Customise Views & Segment CRM Data [Video]

Demonstrating how to personalise views using filters and use query rules in Charity Hub to find and segment any charity CRM data.Charity Hub from Preact is a ready-to-use application built on the Microsoft cloud platform that boosts capacity and increases engagement by connecting data and streamlining supporter management processes.0:00 Introduction0:11 Applying filters to a donations view1:44 Adjusting the sort order on a view1:55 Adding columns to a view2:27 Saving a custom view3:05 Building a query using related entities☎️ 0800-381-1000💻✉️ #CRM #PowerPlatform #PowerApps #Charity

How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

B.o.B Claps Back At Bill Nye & Continues To Promote Flat Earth Theory [Video]

If you keep up with B.o.B as an artist, you inadvertently also keep up with his constant support of conspiracy theories. In fact he does some much conspiracy theorizing, that we had to round up a list full of them.Apparently B.o.B doesnt just believe in the flat earth theory (alongside fellow celebrity Kyrie Irving), hes going out of his way to prove it, by starting a fundraising campaign to launch a satellite into space and investigate.