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Top 10 Direct Mail Hacks for Nonprofits | Joe Leach | AppealMaker [Video]

Tune into this Nonprofit Webinar by Donorbox with Joe Leach (President – Bliss Direct Media & @AppealMaker), Jena Lynch (Nonprofit Advocate) & Cara Augspurger (Fundraising Coach) to hear the Top 10 Direct Mail Fundraising Hacks for Nonprofits and get the knowledge Joe has gained during his 20+ years of experience using direct mail in the nonprofit world! 😊😊 And, Don't forget to sign up for the Donorbox Academy course "Asks That Engage" here: 🏁🏁 Learn how to create fundraising appeals that will raise more money for your mission! 🏁🏁 Are you considering using direct mail fundraising as a part of your annual giving season 2022 campaign? If not… you might want to reconsider because it’s retaking the fundraising stage for many nonprofit organizations around the world. With Direct Mail roaring back into the annual fundraising campaign mix for nonprofits globally, now is a great time to refresh your current direct mail format or start a new one if you are not doing direct mail. Direct Mail is both an art and a science and as Pablo Picasso put it “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”! So have no shame in stealing some of the great ideas that Joe’s team has put to use in over 20 years of Direct Mail service to non-profit organizations. ‍ In this Nonprofit Fundraising Webinar, Joe will take you through: ✅Importance of Direct Mail for Nonprofits ✅Practical direct mail design hacks ✅USPS mailing hacks ✅Direct mail strategy hacks ✅Q&A Session Explore more about Direct Mail Fundraising Best Practices or the importance of Direct Mail for Nonprofits with Appealmaker. Visit – 👈🏻 Here are some amazing Giving Season 2022 Resources to help you gear up for the coming end of year fundraising: 👉🏻 A Guide to Different Types of Fundraising for Nonprofits – 👉🏻13 Steps to the Perfect Year End Fundraising Campaign – 🎬🎬Check out this playlist for some amazing Free Online Webinars for Nonprofits –… Got any queries related to Year end fundraising or how to be 100% ready for this Giving Season 2022? Let us know in the comments 📩 section below and we’ll be more than happy to answer it asap! 💥💥💥With Donorbox, start fundraising for free!💥💥💥 Check out how –… Explore some of the best Nonprofit Fundraising Webinars here –… Donorbox – Helping you help others!! ❤️❤️ #DirectMail #Webinar #NonprofitFundraising #Donorbox

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Preparing Your Car For The Winter Season | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports [Video]

With the cold season just around the corner, we share vital tips on preparing your vehicle for driving in wintry conditions, including checking and maintaining the proper tire pressure, the state of your car’s battery charge, and topping off appropriate fluids. Also, we inspire a young mechanical engineering student with personal stories of how we advanced in our own automotive careers and give advice regarding future opportunities. And we welcome a special guest to the show this week, Consumer Reports’ President and CEO Marta Tellado, as she shares the insights and inspiration contained in her new book, “Buyer Aware,” available in stores on September 20th.———————————–Subscribe to Talking Cars on Apple Podcasts!Video version: version: a question for our experts? Leave a comment on this episode, or reach out to us directly!From your iOS device, iMessage us at to send a photo, video, or text directly to the Talking Cars team!We love to feature our viewers on the show, so submit video questions at to Talking Cars on Spotify: NOTES———————————–00:00 – Introduction00:15 – Preparing Your Car For The Winter Season10:02 – Question: What career opportunities are available for a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry?16:44 – Special Guest: Consumer Reports’ President and CEO Marta Tellado———————————-  Winter Driving Tips Safety Sensors to Clean on Your Car Winter Driving Tips Your Car for Winter Winter Driving You have to Drive in the Winter, Follow These 9 Safety Steps to Pack in a Car Emergency Kit for Your Holiday Road Trips Aware to Car Safety———————————–Join CR at to find out how products scored in CR’s rigorous lab tests—and to access our comprehensive ratings for items you use every day—become a member. CR is a mission-driven, independent, nonprofit organization.Check out for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Follow Us on Social:TikTok: