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Use these 3 Tips to Grow Funding for Your Nonprofit Organization [Video]

Dr. Rob Harter, from Nonprofit Leadership Podcast and CCPC non-profit organization, shares with the Grant Writing & Funding Changemakers how to increase funding for your nonprofit. As a nonprofit leader in the nonprofit space for that past 26 years, Dr. Rob Harter has some amazing tools in his toolbox to grow funding for nonprofit organizations. ————————————————– ✨💌 Get FREE Grant Writing Resources when You Join the Grant Writing Hub Haven: 👉💰🖥️ Grant Writing Master Course: 🖥️🔥 👉 Want to get paid to write grants? 🤗☕👉 Want to increase funding strategies for your —————————————————— In this interview, he shares 3 tips to grow nonprofit funding and some amazing nonprofit trends to watch out for in 2023. Links from Today’s Episode 00:00 About Rob Harter and Nonprofit Leadership 03:20 – How this Nonprofit has Tripled Income 05:05 – 3 Strategic Moves to Grow a Non-profit 07:36 – Marketing that feels good for your nonprofit organization 09:16 – Recipe for Growing Revenue for Nonprofits 11:20 – Maximise your nonprofit’s volunteers 14:40 – Nonprofit Healthy Funding Streams 16:26 – Why CCPC doesn’t go after federal grants 19:00 – What grants can do for your nonprofit 20:36 – Nonprofit trends in 2023 23:47 – Recruitment and retention for nonprofit staff For more information and to connect, visit: . Favor, please? If you love this YouTube channel, would you please do me a favor and subscribe! That way you can easily find videos to advance your nonprofit or consultancy! Thanks for watching! I’d love to connect with you! Holly Rustick Expert Grant Writer & Bestselling Author ✨💌 Visit for the FREE Grant Writing & Funding Resources in the Hub Haven

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The responsibility of an influential woman in business with Kimberly Lawson 01/10 by Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show [Video]

The Sharvette Mitchell Radio | | Every Tuesday Kimberly Lawson is a TedX Speaker, International Bestselling Author, Best Selling Publisher, International Speaker, and Business Strategist. Kimberly began writing at the age of six, her latest work The Amazing Adventures of Kimmie became a number one new release on Amazon in two categories within a couple days of its release. Additionally, Kimberly is a member of the board of directors for Nic’s Kicks charity and was the Founding COO of The National Black Media and Press Association as well as. Though Kimberly wears many titles, mom is the title she’s most proud to possess. Meet our host: Sharvette Mitchell is a Marketing Consultant that works with small businesses to enable them to build their platform so that they generate more revenue with increased visibility of their brand and business. She does this in a couple of ways by focusing on their positioning, visual branding, and marketing with one on one consulting, group coaching programs based on her trademarked framework, THE PLATFORM BUILDER®, speaking, book collaborations, and hosting conferences & retreats. Since 2008, Sharvette has hosted a weekly internet talk radio show – The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show. She has been seen on CBS 6, The CW Network, and featured in publications such as Huffington Post & AARP.