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Texas Hurricane Ian help to Florida [Video]

“When you show up and you show up with something in your hand, or you show up with a big cargo trailer full of supplies, people have no doubt that you care,”

TYLER, Texas — The devastating aftermath of Hurricane Ian has left hundreds of thousands without power, food, water and destroyed countless homes.

Three faith-based organizations from East Texas are joining in on the relief efforts.

“Whenever I see something tragic like this happening, I just think that could be me, or it could be my family and my community,” Patrick Johnson, owner of J-S.T.A.R. Ministries, said. “The quicker the response the quicker the people will begin to heal and slowly but surely get their lives back together.” 

Johnson has always taken swift action whenever disaster strikes. For the past 20 years, he’s used his ministry as a travel unit to help those in need. 

“When you show up and you show up with something in your hand, or you show …

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