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The nonprofit experience: Insights on demographic data collection [Video]

The nonprofit experience: Insights on demographic data collection

Dive into the challenges and opportunities of nonprofit demographic data reporting and collection in an insightful discussion, featuring:

Kelly Brown of Viewpoint Consulting:
Niki Richardson of TOArts:
Cesar Del Valle of Candid:

This session is part of the Demographics via Candid initiative, which allows nonprofits to share their demographic data once on their Candid profile, making it freely accessible and reusable to streamline the granting process.

Recording date: May 29, 2024

Use the following bookmarks to jump to sections of the event:

00:00:05 Introduction to the webinar and speakers

Demographics via Candid
00:00:59 Evolution of demographics via Candid initiative
00:01:38 Funders’ desire for visibility into the diversity makeup of their grantee community
00:01:59 Candid’s approach to providing demographic data on grantees
00:02:27 The launch of the demographics via Candid initiative and its goals
00:03:58 Investments into field building and thought leadership
00:04:57 Feedback from grant-making partners on data availability
00:05:23 Ensuring meaningful use of demographic data
00:05:59 Growth of contributed data and support from formal partners

Discussion with Kelly Brown
00:07:12 Kelly Brown’s background and work in strengthening the social sector
00:07:56 Focus on strengthening philanthropy with better data and systems
00:08:22 The Importance of demographic data in understanding impact

Collecting and sharing demographic data
00:09:59 Principal objectives of the research project
00:24:25 Barriers to collecting and sharing demographic data
00:24:49 Time constraints as the top barrier for organizations
00:29:51 Importance of accurately engaging identity and demographic data
00:46:42 Support needed from funders for grantees regarding demographic data

Recommendations for funders
00:46:57 Recommendations for funders to provide guidance and resources
00:50:54 Importance of demographic data for funders and grant-making organizations
00:53:56 Qualitative feedback from the research on demographic data collection

00:55:44 The need for contextualization and nuanced understanding of demographic data
00:57:35 Closing remarks

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