How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Corporate Fundraising & Giving Programs Ep 115 [Video]

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Corporate Fundraising & Giving Programs Ep 115 #corporatedonations #csr

Corporate Giving: Nonprofit Revenue Game-Changer?
Unlock Nonprofit Success: The Power of Corporate Giving Programs
Discover how to leverage corporate fundraising to secure your nonprofit’s financial stability and growth. Join Cara as she dives into the world of corporate giving programs and reveals the immense value they bring to nonprofits. 🌟

In this episode, you’ll learn strategies and tactics to:
âś…Boost Financial Stability: Why corporate giving is essential for your nonprofit.
âś…Comprehensive Support: How partnerships bring funds, donations, volunteers, and exposure.
âś…Corporate Benefits: Attract and retain employees through nonprofit partnerships.
âś…Strategic Tips: Key advice on branding, communication, and nurturing corporate relationships.
âś…Long-term Relationships: Create turnkey programs and demonstrate generosity to build lasting partnerships.

Cara’s expert tips provide actionable steps to clarify your nonprofit’s brand, communicate unique benefits, and maintain strong corporate relationships.

Get to grips with goal setting and milestones with this comprehensive guide :
âś…How to Set and Meet Fundraising Goals the Smart Way (+13 Tips):

To take you further into developing your corporate giving strategy head back to Ep 29: The Persuasive Power of Strong Case Statements here:

Looking for more fundraising resources?
Explore Donorbox:

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00:00 Introduction
1:03 The Solution: Building a Corporate Giving Program
3:33 Why Corporations Partner with Nonprofits?
5:09 How to Build Strong Partnerships
6:02 Proactive outreach for Corporate Fundraising
6:43 Turnkey program with clear benefits
7:14 Taking Action: Steps to Get Started
8:04 Conclusion: Resources

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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

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