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These Simple Self-Care Tasks Will Make You [Video]

These Simple Self-Care Tasks Will Make You Healthier and Happier

These Simple Self-CareTasks Will Make YouHealthier and Happier.

When making a change for thebetter, it’s hard to jump into goals thatrequire a long-term commitment.


Instead, getting started withsmall, achievable changes can help yougradually improve your well-being.


Here are 10 simple self-care tasks that willhelp you feel healthier and happier.



Make time to clean up clutteredenvironments, as they can cause stress.


Opt out of late-night invitations since theycan lead to poor food choices and poor sleep.


Give yourself a burst of energy byswitching to cold water for the last30 seconds of your shower.


Hold yourself to staying hydrated byrefilling your water bottle every hour.



Add tea to your morning routine.



Move unhealthy snacks and sweets to the back of your pantry …

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