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Travel advice during a heat wave [Video]

Vehicles have more issues in the heat and are prone to break down. Plus, more people drive in the summer, causing traffic and increased gas prices.

SAN DIEGO — Before getting in the car for a summer road trip or heading home after a vacation, remember that heat waves such as the one in San Diego County affects vehicles, traffic and gas prices. 

The biggest tip when driving in the heat is keeping vehicle maintenance up-to-date. 

“The heat can really affect vehicles if the maintenance is not up to date, which is why we always tell drivers just to make sure to check your batteries, your tires, fluid levels,” Anlleyn Venegas with the Auto Club of Southern California said.

Venegas said AAA expected to assist more than 185,000 California motorists and more than 800,000 nationwide over the nine-day Fourth of July travel period.

“It’s really hard to predict roadside emergencies, which is why you should always …

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