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‘Use Your Ears’ teaches youth to express themselves through music [Video]

Several young musicians took their talents to the stage at the Chicken and Beer Festival.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Many gathered for the sixth annual Chicken and Beer Festival on Saturday, enjoying food and live music.

Eric Rollin organizes the event to raise money for his nonprofit, Use Your Ears.

Rollin, a local musician himself, started the program with the goal of teaching youth to record, write, perform and monetize their music.

In addition to learning music, young people also learn positive ways to express what they are going through. 

“We give them a chance to express themselves. A lot of times, the youth we come in contact with don’t have that. They don’t get those opportunities,” Rollin said. “We give them an opportunity to express themselves, whether they be angry, sad, happy — whatever that emotion may be, we give them an outlet.”

Several of the young musicians took their talents to the …

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