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What is Labour’s private school tax plan? [Video]

This would reportedly raise about £1.7bn of funds that Labour promises to send into the state school system.

This has drawn criticism from some private school headteachers, with warnings that this could cause school fee increases of up to £3,000.

However, Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson has responded that the warnings are simply “scaremongering”.

“I don’t accept the scaremongering, there are ample places in state schools, particularly in primaries,” she said. “That’s where we’re seeing the sharpest declines in terms of where places will be needed.”

Here’s a closer look at what the private school tax plan could mean.

Will Labour tax private schools?

Labour argues that private schools currently benefit from what they describe as an “unfair tax break” where they don’t pay VAT on fees.

By removing this stipulation, Labour will use the money to improve standards in state schools with more teachers and funding, including resources for mental health support staff in every school.

Do private schools make a profit?

For-profit schools are not allowed …

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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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