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Why Changing the Aging Narrative Matters #ReframingAging [NCOA] [Video]

Watch our plenary session focused on how aging professionals can drive the narrative on what it takes to #AgeWell as more Americans are turning 65 than at any other time in our country’s history. Moderated by Sian-Pierre Regis, Activist, Filmmaker, and Member of the NCOA Board of Directors, this conversation features Joon Bang, Chief Executive Officer of Iona, Trish D’Antonio, Executive Director of the National Center to Reframe Aging, and Marcus Escobedo, Vice President of Communications at The John A. Hartford Foundation. Connect with us: Subscribe:​​ Like us:​​ ​ Follow us:​​ Follow us:…​ About NCOA Since 1950, we’ve walked beside generations of Americans. We were the first national voice for older adults. We helped end mandatory retirement. We advocated to secure Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act. Local organizations turned to us for support as they served older adults every day. And we built digital …

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