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Kemp Signs Legislation Designed to Strengthen Georgia’s Workforce [Video]

Today, Governor Brian P. Kemp signed four bills designed to strengthen and enhance Georgias robust workforce. The legislation includesHB 1435, which provides needs-based financial aid to eligible higher education students who experience a gap in their tuition funding;SB 397, which recognizes all other state approved high school equivalency programs in Georgia and extends a voucher []

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Get Funding from Grants in Florida: 30 Links in 10 Seconds! #shorts [Video]

LINKED BELOW! Get ready to find and win the latest grants in Florida! In 10 seconds or less, you'll have 30 links to the best funding opportunities for start-up businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity – check out this video and learn more today! Ways to Support Grant Chatter ► Send a SuperThanks! Link is under the video, same row as the Like button. May have to click the 3 dots … 😉 ► Grants for Hurricane Relief ► Grants for Small Business (1) Article, Florida Small Business Grants: (2) 40 Proven Ways to Fund A Small Business, (3) Amber Grants for Women, (4) Free business mentors at; (5) Free business mentors for minority or veteran mentors, (6) For Disabled Business Owners, ► Grants for First Time Home Buyers (1) Grant Chatter video on Grants for First Time Home Buyers, (2) HUD, (3) has many links to find local home buying help, (4) Bank of America, (5) Chase Bank, (6) To find other resources, use “home buy” in this site’s search bar to find local home buying help, ► Grants for College (1) (2) (3) Community Foundations for Local Scholarships, (4) Searchable List of All Kinds of Scholarships, (5) Pell Grant, ► Grants for Nonprofits (1) HUGE LIST of grant funders in Florida, (2) List of Corporations with giving programs in Florida, (3) Community Foundations, (4) Local Arts Grant Agencies (5) Local banks have small grants, Local Bank Directory, (6) Walmart Community Grants, ► Grants for Single Mothers (1) (2) (3) Article, “10 Ways to Get Free Money from the Government 2022”, ► Grant Chatter on Instagram: https://www.instagram dot com/grantchatter/ ► Grant Chatter on Facebook: https://www.facebook dot com/grant.chatter.5 ► Grant Chatter on Twitter: ►Subscribe to Grant Chatter, to learn how to find grants, write grants, and win them! ►Thank you for watching. ►See you in the next video!