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Fairfield City Government Announces Salvaged Items Have Been Delivered To The Fairfield Re-Store [Video]

The Fairfield city government has announced that the last of the salvaged items from the former Department of Transportation buildings on Briggs Avenue have been removed and donated to the Fairfield Re-Store.

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Kemp Signs Legislation Designed to Strengthen Georgia’s Workforce [Video]

Today, Governor Brian P. Kemp signed four bills designed to strengthen and enhance Georgias robust workforce. The legislation includesHB 1435, which provides needs-based financial aid to eligible higher education students who experience a gap in their tuition funding;SB 397, which recognizes all other state approved high school equivalency programs in Georgia and extends a voucher []

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Brice Riddell’s Fundraising Page – The Borgen Project [Video]

Name: Brice RiddellLocation: Aberdeen, UKRole: HR Intern Fundraising Goal: $500 How did you get interested in global issues?After taking part in fundraising during university I have developed a keen interest in current charities and while enrolling in human resource internships I came across The Borgen Project. Through The Borgen Project’s aims and past successes, I […]