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Pop-Up Triggers – Harness Your Website [Video]

Learn more about the Harness Fundraising Platform 👋 What is Harness Giving? Harness is the Industry Leader in Recurring Giving and Donor Experience Automation for Nonprofits, a company that was started in 2016. We strive to make fundraising simpler, more pleasant, and more human by helping organizations improve their supporter experience from start to donation. Comes loaded with features to help build, launch and grow your subscription philanthropy program from end-to-end. Specialties: Nonprofit, Technology, Solutions, Charity, Charities, Mobile, Fundraising, Innovation, Donations, Donors, subscription, recurring giving, monthly giving, sustainer, sustainable giving, subscribers, texting, stewardship, engagement, gratification, gratify, supercharge, maximize, giving society, convert, Software as a service, and Marketing & Design

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Alabama Families With Trans Kids Are Fundraising to Flee Anti-Trans Law [Video]

Anti-trans legislation in Alabama, which goes into effect May 8, bans doctors from providing gender-affirming healthcare to trans kids.