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Wendy’s drive-thru lanes struggle, while Chick-fil-A has the fastest service, report says [Video]

Wendys is often credited with pioneering drive-thru ordering, but the burger chains drive-thru accuracy and customer satisfaction scores lagged behind its rivals this year, according to a new study.

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Thursday, October 26th 7pmA reading to celebrate the new issue of theHaight Ashbury Literary Journalin memorium Indigo Joanne Hotchkiss Bird & Beckett Books & Records [Video]

Indigo Joanne Hotchkiss, to whom this reading is dedicated, was a co-founder in 1979 of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal. Co-editors Alice Elizabeth Rogoff and Csar Love co-host and participate in this reading, which will feature local poets who have poems in the current issue Ed Mycue, Kitty Costello, Nellie Wong, Karen Melander-Magoon, Rafael Pineda, Antoinette Vella Payne, Cesar Love, Alice Elizabeth Rogoff, John Rowe, Ellen Frank , Eva Helene Stern, Aurelia , Lorca, Dan Richman and Phyllis Klein.