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The Nonprofit Life Cycle: What Stage Are You? [Video]

Starting a nonprofit? Here are the stages of nonprofit growth. #nonprofits #nonprofitorganization #startinganonprofit If you’re starting or growing a nonprofit, knowing what stage of the Nonprofit Life Cycle your organization is in can help you see the bigger picture, think into the future to understand what the road ahead might look like, and what actions you need to take now to make your journey ahead successful. For each stage, I share an indicator that you’re in that stage, and a tip for how to shift your strategy to help your nonprofit thrive in the years that follow. FOUNDER TO FULL-TIME: Check out my trainings and blog on starting a nonprofit or social enterprise at // WHAT TO WATCH NEXT Can Nonprofits charge for their services? | Fundraising Strategy Starting a Nonprofit: 10 Policies to Create For Your Organization Starting a Nonprofit: How to Create a Budget (For Beginners) // CHAPTERS 00:00 Welcome! 01:33 What is the Nonprofit Life Cycle? 02:30 Start-Up Phase 05:37 Growth Phase 09:45 Established Phase 14:40 Mature Phase 17:12 Expansion or Decline Phase 21:17 Turnaround or Decline Phase 23:25 Rejuvenation or Closure Phase // MORE ABOUT ME Hi! I’m Amber, a nonprofit founder, Executive Director, and public speaker on social impact, changemaking, nonprofits, leadership, and more. Join my newsletter to receive updates and resources for changemakers and nonprofit leaders: FOUNDER TO FULL-TIME ACADEMY: Want some training and guidance on starting a nonprofit (and potentially even working for that nonprofit full-time someday?)? Check out my online training courses at my Nonprofit Founder to Full-Time Academy! Want me to come speak at your business, college, school, or event? Check out my site: On Facebook? Talk to me and other change makers about social change, nonprofits, social enterprise, leadership and more in my Facebook group, Change the World or Bust: I'm also on Twitter:

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Forthcoming Webinar: Writing a Strong Funding Proposal through good Project Design [Video]

Get ready for the new webinar from fundsforNGOs PREMIUM and ramp up your grant proposals!Whether you’re new to grant writing or a seasoned pro, this session will equip you with the skills to develop compelling proposals. Learn how to address root causes, conduct effective research, and ensure project sustainability. Join us to take your grant writing skills to the next level. For registration, click here: