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Harry and Meghan’s new campaign to win Hollywood over? Sussexes are all smiles as they are given star billing at Kevin Costner’s fundraiser… also attended by their close celebrity allies Oprah and Ellen Degeneres [Video]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance atKevin Costner’s ‘One805 Live!’ event, held at his$26 million polo field, a charity event held to raise money for local first responders.

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Kiler Davenport Live, 09/18 by APRI Broadcasting 2023 [Video]

Tonight we are going to talk about people who do not grasp what is going on under the color of law and coverups in the mainstream media and others who are making money off of the innocent men women and children of Maui and Lahaina and how these murders must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and all who were involved in illegal fundraising, We will also talk about the school buses we have found on the other side of the island on a decommissioned military base that goes underground 300 feet and is connected to many other tunnels, I will also talk to my round table and asked what they are doing to bring justice to the families of the islands and the people,I am calling everyone to talk tonight and if the answers I get do not match up with the facts I have all of these folks will come under investigation of my investigative team,We go live at 6 pm pacific time and the call in number to the show is 646-716-8423,