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Alpena Gymnastics Displays Their Talent In Annual Spring Show WBKB 11 [Video]

Alpena Gymnastics showcased the talent of their gymnasts at their annual spring show.

“This is our annual spring show and we’ve been doing it for many years. Probably 18 years, I think. And it’s our entire program all the way from our tumble tots that are 18 months old, up to our high schoolers who are in AAU, and we just show every event and we also have our aerial silks, which include adult aerial silk. So it’s a time for our entire program to shine” said Leah Stafford, Program Director of Alpena Gymnastics.

Between one hundred and one hundred and 50 gymnasts participated in the show.

“Thank you to our community, a lot of our equipment has been through grants and fundraising, and we couldn’t do it without this amazing community that we have” said Stafford.

Starting in June, Alpena Gymnastics will have a summer program and open gyms …

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