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Collinsville girl helps create ‘blessing boxes’ to give back to her community | News [Video]

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — An 8-year-old girl helped create “blessing boxes” at her local church in Collinsville.

Meadowcreek Methodist near Highway 169 and Main Street now has three blessing boxes. One to help bless pets, one to bless the community and the last to bless other kids with books. 

Maddie Tucker worked with other kids in 2022 to create a “Pet Blessing Box.”

Late last year she wanted to create a box to bless kids who live nearby and go to her church. She drew blueprints for a “Book Blessing Box.”

She presented it to the congregation in December, a member built it, and it was blessed on Sunday when Maddie put the first books in.

It hasn’t been painted yet but it’s already overflowing with book donations and Maddie thinks blue would be the perfect color.

The blessing boxes started in 2021 to help people during the pandemic with food …

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