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Denver raffle that has never given away a home keeps streak going [Video]

The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver lowered the ticket threshold to try to give away a home for the first time, but it failed to sell enough tickets.

DENVER —  After 15 years, the home raffle that never gave away a home really, really tried to give away a home.

Yet, for the 16th year, the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver did not give away a home.

But not without trying harder.

The Dream House Raffle by the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver offered a home as one of the grand prizes, but only if enough tickets were sold.

Previously, the threshold was 80,000. The nonprofit never sold that many tickets, while still promoting a Dream House Raffle each year.

“Last year, we got some extra attention, some of that’s thanks to your team Marshall,” Lauren Kamm, Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver vice president of marketing, said …

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