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Disaster relief organization helping tornado victims in Blair [Video]

Operation Blessings, a disaster relief organization, is looking for more volunteers to help tornado cleanup efforts in Blair, Neb.

The route to get to Junkstock in Waterloo has changed due to tornado damage in the area.

A group of Omaha Burke High School alumni are searching for a stash of yearbooks that were lost after a tornado tore through a classmate’s home.

Groups from all over the nation have descended upon Elkhorn and other damaged areas to assist with the tornado recovery effort.

Cleanup efforts are underway at an Elkhorn cemetery which was heavily damaged by last week’s tornado.

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds both asked the federal government to expedite funding for tornado recovery.

The recent rainfall has positively impacted Nebraska’s drought conditions.

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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Shoe Drive Fundraiser FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions [Video]

Tom is helping us answer some of your most frequently asked questions today!👟 Are there any upfront costs to signing up to do a shoe drive fundraiser?👟 What happens to the shoes once they get picked up at the end of my fundraiser?Drop any other questions you have in the comments!Check out our BLOG every week for Fundraising Tips perfect for nonprofits, schools and organizations doing all types of fundraisers! with us on social @funds2orgsTwitter @funds2orgsThere are hundreds of fundraisers to help your organization. Many require you to sell candy, cookie dough, or other items to raise money. With this creative fundraising idea, you don't have to sell anything! Learn more at to see one of our success stories? Contact us today at 407-930-2979 or