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EP032 | Lean On Me: How nonprofits can stand together to get through any storm | Nonstop Nonprofit [Video]

EP032 | Lean On Me: How nonprofits can stand together to get through any storm | Nonstop Nonprofit

Originally shared 12.02.20

Julia Campbell · Founder, J Campbell Social Marketing | Get ready for your imagination to be captured by a dynamic, imaginative leader who’s making her mark on the nonprofit sector: Julia Campbell. Julia is a nonprofit speaker, fundraising strategist, social maven, author, philanthropy professor, and nonprofit cheering section all rolled into one.

Getting through 2020 has been rough on everyone, and it’s put a lot of pressure on nonprofits. In their work with organizations across the globe, both nonprofit consultant Julia Campbell and Funraise CEO and Co-founder Justin Wheeler have seen the effects play out, and in Justin’s role as a nonprofiteer, he’s experienced them firsthand.

Julia’s advice for nonprofits looking toward a post-pandemic future is hopeful, but doesn’t rely on luck—she advocates for creative campaigning, democratizing fundraising, and building strong partnerships across nonprofits of all sizes, budgets, and causes.

So if you’re looking for ideas to seed your nonprofit’s plans for a digital future, tune in to this conversation between Julia and Justin—you’ll find laughs, AHA! moments, and the realization that you’re never alone.

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