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How Branding Brings Value When School Choice Grows with Madison Carr [Video]

How Branding Brings Value When School Choice Grows with Madison Carr

1. Understanding Branding: Learn the dual aspects of branding—strategy and design—and why both are crucial for your school’s identity.
2. Common Branding Mistakes in K12: Madison Carr, an expert in school branding, discusses the typical pitfalls schools face in their branding efforts and how to avoid them.
3. Beyond Visuals: Discover why effective branding is more than just aesthetics like logos and colors and why settling for low-quality visuals can negatively impact your school’s perception.
4. The Power of Words: Words shape your brand. Madison provides insights on selecting powerful messaging that aligns with your school’s vision and resonates across all communication channels.

Why Listen? This episode is essential for school communicators looking to enhance their branding strategy amidst growing school choice. Gain practical tips and insights to elevate your school’s brand and stand out!

Madison Carr
Creative Director
Creative Chameleon Studio, Ohio



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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Arkansas lawmakers moved closer to approving tax cuts in Day 2 of the special legislative session [Video]

CAPITOL AS OUR LAWMAKERS HAVE BEEN DEBATING WHAT'S BEST FOR YOUR TAX DOLLARS. " BY FAR, THE BIGGEST DEBATE HAS BEEN OVER CUTTING PERSONAL INCOME AND CORPORATE TAX RATES. TODAY THERE WAS BIPARTISAN SUPPORT FOR FUNDING THE ARKANSAS GAME AND FISH COMMISSION AND FOR INCREASING THE HOMESTEAD PROPERTY TAX CREDIT FROM $425 TO $500. EVERYTHING PASSED, BUT THERE'S ONE MORE STEP BEFORE THE BILLS GO TO THE GOVERNOR FOR FINAL APPROVAL AND IT'S THE LAST SESSION FOR ONE OUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES." "I have loved it. I've seen it as a calling." CHARLENE FITE HAS REPRESENTED PORTIONS OF CRAWFORD AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES FOR THE PAST 12 YEARS. NOW SHE'S RETIRING FROM POLITICS AND NOT SEEKING REELECTION. FOR HER, THE ISSUES THAT MATTER MOST ARE HELPING CHILDREN, EDUCATION AND... "Women who are going through any kind of abuse, actually anyone who doesn't have a voice." WHEN IT COMES TO TAX CUTS... "when we have the amount of surplus that we have right now, it shows me that we're taking too much from the people who are paying taxes." (NATS...GAVEL BANGING) HOUSE BILL ONE- THOUSAND-ONE AND IT'S EQUIVALENT, SENATE BILL ONE, ARE SEEKING TO LOWER THE TOP INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX RATE FROM 4.4% TO 3.9% AND THE CORPORATE TAX RATE FROM 4.8 TO 4.3%. THE STATE ESTIMATES, COMBINED, THE TAX CUTS EQUAL $322 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. LAWMAKERS SAY THE PERSONAL INCOME TAX CUT WOULD APPLY TO ANYONE MAKING $25,000 A YEAR OR MORE. "That's over 1.1 million Arkansans, which by the way, is almost all Arkansas taxpayers." "When the dust settles, of all the states that do levy an income tax, we will have the seventh lowest rate in the entire country. Taking into consideration that a decade ago we had the highest income taxes of any state in the Southeast and one of the highest income taxes of any state in the country, that is a remarkable feat." IN CASE OF FUTURE BUDGET SHORTFALLS, THE BILL WOULD ALSO MOVE $290 MILLION DOLLARS OF THE STATES $700 MILLION IN EXCESS REVENUE SURPLUS, TO A RESERVE FUND. BUT DEMOCRAT LAWMAKERS SAY THERE'S BETTER WAYS TO USE THE MONEY. "Lawmakers could do a lot more to help everyday Arkansans by investing in our state rather than simply handing money back to our state's top earners." "The entire state is lacking in quality early child care and we have no idea about the cost of the Education Freedom Accounts when offered to all Arkansan students next year." "We could put real money into the Arkansas Housing Trust Fund for the first time since its creation in 2009 to help with housing. We could have done a tax credit for renters, a third of Arkansans with their home. We could create a last- dollar scholarship to make sure that high school students in Arkansas get two years of community college or technical college free tuition. There's just more imaginative things and constructive things we could do." "ON WEDNESDAY, THE HOUSE AND SENATE WILL VOTE ON EACH OTHERS IDENTICAL VERSION OF THE BILLS. IF APPROVED, THEY WILL GO TO THE GOVERNOR FOR HER SIGNATURE. THE TAX CUTS WOULD BE RETROACT

Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Shoe Drive Fundraiser FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions [Video]

Tom is helping us answer some of your most frequently asked questions today!👟 Are there any upfront costs to signing up to do a shoe drive fundraiser?👟 What happens to the shoes once they get picked up at the end of my fundraiser?Drop any other questions you have in the comments!Check out our BLOG every week for Fundraising Tips perfect for nonprofits, schools and organizations doing all types of fundraisers! with us on social @funds2orgsTwitter @funds2orgsThere are hundreds of fundraisers to help your organization. Many require you to sell candy, cookie dough, or other items to raise money. With this creative fundraising idea, you don't have to sell anything! Learn more at to see one of our success stories? Contact us today at 407-930-2979 or