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Letter: More funding is needed to keep children from going hungry [Video]

Children cannot learn when they are hungry. At the end of the past school year, the National School Lunch Program ended in public and charter schools. For the past two years, all children, regardless of income or proof of need, were able to get at least one free meal at school. Even during lockdowns schools provided times for students to pick up a bagged lunch. For some students, this was the one meal they could count on.

Currently, families can apply at their children’s school for free or reduced lunch. This is a great option for families who understand the system. I have worked at schools where parents are refugees, immigrants, or struggle with significant mental health issues. These are just a few of the barriers to parents understanding their ability in ensuring that their students get a meal in school.

There is also a large population of children who, …

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This app could help reduce your wait time at customs as TSA experiences record travel WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio [Video]

NEW YORK As airports prepare for the highest passenger volumes this summer, the Transportation Security Administration is bracing for the travel crush and sharing what passengers need to know to get through crowded airports with some ease.