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Nonprofit’s Questions of the Week! (Board topics) [Video]

Nonprofit’s Questions of the Week! (Board topics)

Nonprofit’s questions and expert’s answers about nonprofit board engagement, fundraising expectations of board members, financial literacy among nonprofit board members, and the confidentiality of professional coaching paid for by organizations. Host Meredith Terrian shares the microphone with Muhi Khwaja, from the National University Fundraising Academy and co-founder of the American Muslim Community Foundation.

Regarding board engagement, Muhi starts with the importance of full board participation in fundraising efforts, suggesting various ways for board members to contribute, such as making financial commitments or leveraging their networks. He advocates for clear expectations and training for board members to interpret financial reports effectively.

On a question from a viewer about professional coaching, Muhi points to the need for confidentiality in coaching contracts, highlighting the importance of privacy for effective coaching sessions.

The conversation also touches on setting board policies, including term limits and age limits. Muhi supports term limits as a means to prevent founder syndrome and promote fresh perspectives on the board. However, he advises caution regarding age limits, emphasizing the value of diverse perspectives and experiences regardless of age. As Muhi Khwaja aptly summarizes, “There’s a lot of value in age as well.”

Host Meredith Terrian echoes Muhi’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of clear policies and training for board members to ensure effective governance and decision-making within nonprofit organizations.

This dynamic conversation amplifies several best practices for nonprofit board governance, fundraising, financial literacy, and professional development, as is the nature of nonprofit management.

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