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Nonprofit’s Questions of the Week [Video]

Nonprofit’s Questions of the Week

A lively talk about maintaining a culture of philanthropy within nonprofits, covering the importance of communication, transparency, and ethical practice in all fundraising efforts. This engaging Ask & Answer episode highlights the evolving nature of nonprofit fundraising and the ongoing commitment to ethical practices within the sector.

Jack Alotto, a seasoned expert in nonprofit fundraising, shares his enthusiasm about the increasing participation in his CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) training programs, noting that the numbers remain high with classes reaching around 170 participants. He describes a new initiative tailored for Muslim-affiliated nonprofits, reflecting the inclusive approach of the training sessions.

This enjoyable learning episode focuses mainly on the ethical dilemmas fundraisers often face. Jack emphasizes the importance of adhering to ethical standards, especially when dealing with competitive situations between nonprofits, advising against disparaging other organizations, stressing that the goal should be to enhance the entire community’s well-being rather than focusing solely on individual success. This approach aligns with the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) code of ethics, which promotes integrity and respect among fundraising professionals.

One of Jack’s statements from the episode encapsulates his philosophy on this issue: “I am reluctant to engage in a conversation which would disparage another nonprofit… we should continue to talk about the benefits of giving to our organization and the importance of making a gift to advance our mission. It’s OK if they also want to give to another organization doing similar work. It just makes the whole community much better.”

With input from host Julia Patrick, the episode explores the role of ethics in donor relations, with Jack advocating for the inclusion of the AFP code of ethics in donor packets to educate and align expectations with donors.

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The New AI Methods For Strategic Planning [Video]

How AI can significantly enhance the efficiency and inclusivity of strategic planning processes for nonprofits. Mike Burns, CEO of StrattSimple, shares his innovative approach to strategic planning through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Mike starts with the point that one of the primary challenges facing nonprofits in strategic planning is the considerable time and financial resources required. Addressing this, he introduces his AI-driven solution designed to streamline and economize the planning process, making it accessible to more nonprofit organizations. His approach utilizes AI to facilitate comprehensive stakeholder engagement by rapidly and efficiently gathering insights from a broad spectrum of participants, exemplified by one client who interactively surveys 4,000 clients. Mike describes the value. . . "Imagine if you were doing that the traditional way and you had to interview each of those people. How long would that take? I don’t even know that it would be possible." The lively conversation highlights the fast-changing capability of AI in capturing and synthesizing vast amounts of data to identify key themes and insights. This process not only saves time but also enhances the depth of analysis available to decision-makers. MIke shares his enthusiasm for AI's potential, stating, "Economists out there say AI is going to have a bigger impact on the economy than electricity. The more you work with it, the more you realize that this is changing everything." Co-hosted by Tony Beall and Julia Patrick, the episode explores the implications of AI in the realm of nonprofit governance, where strategic planning often involves complex layers of input from various stakeholders including funders, clients, team members, and board members. During the discussion, Mike elaborates on the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the planning process, asserting that AI tools can help ensure every voice is heard, thereby fostering a more comprehensive and effective strategic plan. You’ll learn alot of what’s changing in the planning arena by watching. The cohosts and guest not only shed light on the transformative potential of AI in nonprofit strategic planning but also underscore the importance of technology in making strategic planning more manageable, cost-effective, and inclusive.#nonprofitboards #nonprofitplanning #nonprofitmanagement #strategicplanning