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Omaha South grad, Victory Boxing alum will be Olympic Trials [Video]

To Jeremiah Perales, boxing is like a chess match.

It’s not just two people throwing punches in the ring in an attempt to hurt each other. It’s discipline, strategy and preparation.

Cpl. Jeremiah Perales competes at the USA Boxing National Championships in Lubbock, Texas, on Dec. 11, 2022. His interest in boxing began in his family’s South Omaha garage, where his father started the nonprofit Victory Boxing Club in 2004.

“The littlest things, the littlest mistakes people will capitalize on,” Jeremiah said. “There’s a lot of strategy in boxing, and there’s a lot of adjustments to make. You’re constantly adjusting, you’re constantly trying to keep your breathing under control. You’re constantly trying to stay moving, stay active.”

Jeremiah, a boxer and graduate of Omaha South High School, will be in the biggest chess match of his boxing career when he participates in the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Boxing, which begin Monday in Lafayette, Louisiana. More than 150 …

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