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Planning A Volunteer Appreciation Event (Honoring Volunteers) [Video]

Planning A Volunteer Appreciation Event (Honoring Volunteers)

Expert strategies for planning successful volunteer appreciation events with insights from Melissa Pinard, Head of Product Management at Bloomerang Volunteer. Learn how to effectively recognize and engage your volunteers, seamlessly integrate them into your donor campaigns, and use data-driven approaches to highlight their impact. This comprehensive discussion offers best practices on organizing appreciation events that honor and support volunteers’ dedication and foster deeper connections within your non-profit. Improve your volunteer management techniques and celebrate your volunteers in a way that boosts retention and encourages their ongoing contribution to your cause.

Melissa, having a decade-long experience in volunteer management, discussed the often-overlooked potential of volunteers as crucial donors to their causes, given their established commitment and passion.

Melissa describes how volunteers frequently transition into donors because they are already deeply connected to the cause, a point often missed in non-profit management. “Statistics show volunteers give more because they’re already passionate about the cause that they are giving their time to; a majority of them are actually already giving their dollars too,” she noted, highlighting a big opportunity for non-profits to nurture these dual-role contributors.

During the interview, Melissa outlines best practices for integrating volunteer and donor management, suggesting that volunteers should not be excluded from fundraising campaigns. She points out the importance of recognizing volunteers not only for their time but also for their potential financial contributions. “There’s no reason why you should exclude them from the email campaigns, in that sense as well,” Melissa explains, advocating for inclusive communication strategies that engage volunteers across all organizational activities.

The fast-paced discussion also digs into the specifics of volunteer appreciation. Melissa advises against using the existing volunteer pool to organize appreciation events, suggesting instead that staff members or paid employees take on this role to ensure the event is genuinely appreciative and not an additional burden to volunteers. She details how to effectively use data and storytelling to demonstrate the impact of volunteers, enhancing their engagement and emotional investment in the organization.

Continuing, Melissa points to the importance of public acknowledgment and the strategic use of social media to celebrate and recognize volunteers’ efforts, not only boosting their morale but also promoting the organization’s cause through visible affiliations and endorsements by volunteers.

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