Grant Writing for Non-Profits

Prep scoreboard for Monday, April 17 [Video]



E.C. Glass 5, Dan River 3

E.C. Glass;041;000;0;—;5;8;0

Dan River;001;0020;0;—;3;9;1

WP: Ryan Litchford. LP: Noah Abercrombie. S: John Ruhl. 

Highlights: Glass — Litchford 5 2/3 IP, 9 H, 3 R/ER, 2 BB, 4 Ks; J. Ruhl 1 1/3 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB (1-3, R); Max Calloway 2-2, 2 RBIs; Kaleb Brehm 1-2, 2 RBIs; Mike Harpster 1-4, 2B, R; Scooter Ball 1-3, R; Drew Barnett 1-2, R; Tyler Ruhl 1-2. Dan River — Luke Ewing 2-4. 

Records: E.C. Glass 6-1. Dan River 1-6. 



E.C. Glass 22, Blacksburg 1


E.C. Glass;12;5;1;4;—;22

Scoring: ECG — Penn Willman 1 goal, 5 assists; Robert Sorenson 5 goals, 1 assist; Davis Redmond 3 goals; Jackson Grant 3 goals, 2 assists; Camp Conner 2 goals; Aaron Dendy 1 assist; Jack Lloyd 1 goal, 1 assist; Luke Matthews 1 goal, 1 assist; Kason Brehm 2 goals; Jackson Laughon 1 goal; Charlie Landes 3 goals. 

Saves: Matthew …

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Grant Writing for Non-Profits

A Day In The Life Of A Grant Writer [Video]

If your current job feels like it's draining your soul and eating up all your hours, Haleigh Jinkins has the perfect antidote! 🧘‍♀️ You've come to the right place! Join Haleigh Jinkins, a seasoned grant writer, as she walks you through her typical day, offering practical solutions like time blocking and the Pomodoro technique to lighten your load. 🌟Time blocking and a community support system that turns chaos into clear, focused progress. 🌸 Dive into this day-in-the-life video to see how you can transform your hectic routine into a streamlined work-life balance.🌟 Curious? Hit play and discover the secrets to a rewarding grant writing career! 🎥🌟 Must-try Grant Writing Courses For 2024! 📚👉 out this playlist: Freelance Grant Writing & Grant Writing Jobs 👉 could you get into grant writing and build a career in it? Here is training on how to do that without volunteering or having prior experience: 👉 Once upon a time, a grant writer unearthed a big problem: there were no options for learning to write grants in a modern, refreshing way. Existing options were “old school” and expensive.The idea? Create an online learning experience that makes grant writing approachable and fun.Learn Grant Writing was founded on the belief that our time should be spent adding real value to our communities and leading fulfilling lives.You're in the right place if you want to...🔸 explore your curiosity🔸 change careers🔸 freelance grant write🔸 volunteer, or🔸 improve an existing skill.No sugar coating it! Grant writing is hard work. But, if it fits your personality and goals, it can be life changing. Getting professionally trained in grant writing can save you years of mistakes and lost grants, make you indispensable, and give you wonderful lifestyle flexibility. You can become a grant writing unicorn 🦄 faster than you might realize. Learn more: for new weekly videos: Watch this video about Grant Writing for Beginners: the 7 Steps to Writing a Grant: Grant Writing Course: Grants. Get Paid:’s Connect...Website: insert linkLinkedIn:🧡 The Team at Learn Grant Writing

Grant Writing for Non-Profits

How to create a winning Grant Proposal | Nonprofit Grants [Video]

Grants can be a great funding resource for new Nonprofits looking to start, operate and scale their organizations. But most applications won't be a simple just apply and see if you win, the application will require a GRANT PROPOSAL PACKET to be submitted with the application.In this video we'll discuss all the components of a Grant Proposal. Check out our Complete Grant Proposal Packet: our free Nonprofit Starter Kit and our Free Nonprofit Launcher eCourse: ⬇️ me on TikTok @timwrightii#nonprofit #entrepreneur #501c3 #nonprofitorganization #funding #grants

Grant Writing for Non-Profits

The nonprofit experience: Insights on demographic data collection [Video]

Dive into the challenges and opportunities of nonprofit demographic data reporting and collection in an insightful discussion, featuring: Kelly Brown of Viewpoint Consulting: Richardson of TOArts: Del Valle of Candid: This session is part of the Demographics via Candid initiative, which allows nonprofits to share their demographic data once on their Candid profile, making it freely accessible and reusable to streamline the granting process.Recording date: May 29, 2024Use the following bookmarks to jump to sections of the event:Introduction00:00:05 Introduction to the webinar and speakersDemographics via Candid00:00:59 Evolution of demographics via Candid initiative00:01:38 Funders’ desire for visibility into the diversity makeup of their grantee community00:01:59 Candid’s approach to providing demographic data on grantees00:02:27 The launch of the demographics via Candid initiative and its goals00:03:58 Investments into field building and thought leadership00:04:57 Feedback from grant-making partners on data availability00:05:23 Ensuring meaningful use of demographic data00:05:59 Growth of contributed data and support from formal partnersDiscussion with Kelly Brown00:07:12 Kelly Brown’s background and work in strengthening the social sector00:07:56 Focus on strengthening philanthropy with better data and systems00:08:22 The Importance of demographic data in understanding impactCollecting and sharing demographic data00:09:59 Principal objectives of the research project00:24:25 Barriers to collecting and sharing demographic data00:24:49 Time constraints as the top barrier for organizations00:29:51 Importance of accurately engaging identity and demographic data00:46:42 Support needed from funders for grantees regarding demographic dataRecommendations for funders00:46:57 Recommendations for funders to provide guidance and resources00:50:54 Importance of demographic data for funders and grant-making organizations00:53:56 Qualitative feedback from the research on demographic data collectionClosing00:55:44 The need for contextualization and nuanced understanding of demographic data00:57:35 Closing remarks