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Protestors criticize President Bidens handling of the war amid his campaign stop in Boston Boston 25 News [Video]

BOSTON — Dozens of protestors marched to the Seaport Hotel from South Station with hopes of disrupting President Biden’s fundraiser Tuesday night.

“I heard the president Biden wants to come to Boston and he’s not welcome here,” said Corey Walden.

President Joe Biden’s motorcade got a less than warm welcome with booing while passing by Boston’s South Station in between two fundraising events in the city.

“He seems to be talking out of two sides of his mouth. He announces that he’s going to delay a shipment of weaponry and within a week he’s sending more weapons,” said Heather Clark of Scituate.

Protestors calling for a ceasefire in Gaza amid President Biden’s visits in Boston

Dozens of protestors united in anticipation of the president’s visit to Boston criticizing his handling of the war in Gaza. But some openly disagreed with their message.

“I think they’re missing the point that what …

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