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Sonoma County Animal Services asking for public’s help with shelter overflowing [Video]

SONOMA CO., Calif. (KGO) — At Sonoma County Animal Services, the shelters have never been more full.

“We have 118 dog kennels. And right now, I want to say we have two or three that are actually open,” said Brian Whipple.

Over the past few weeks, an influx of new animals have overwhelmed staff.

It’s a trend that’s played out across the county and the entire state, says Emma Diemert.

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Diemert tells us in the years she’s worked with animal shelters, she’s never seen it this bad.

“Especially with our rescue partners. So they kind of control the population of animals that they get in. And to see them kind of have an explosion of animals in their kennel space as well is really alarming,” she said.

Folks at the shelter say they believe there are a number of factors driving …

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Nonprofit Clubs

Meet Charlie: First in His Family College Graduate [Video]

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