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Uniting Corporate Social Impact & Peer-to-Peer Fundraising with Sport Clips’ Amanda Palm & St. Ba… [Video]

At many nonprofit organizations, peer-to-peer fundraising programs and corporate partnerships live on separate teams with different goals and often competing priorities.  However, there is a clear connection between the two. Not only can a peer-to-peer fundraising program serve as an entry point for a new corporate partner, it can also be a great way to deepen relationships with existing corporate partners through employee engagement. In the same vein, adding a cause marketing campaign can amplify a peer-to-peer program sponsor’s impact on our missions.At their core, both peer-to-peer and corporate fundraising campaigns empower supporters to ask for donations on the behalf of the organization – and when you leverage the two initiatives in tandem, that’s when a true win-win-win partnership can be created for all teams involved.In this episode, the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum’s Marcie Maxwell and Engage For Good’s Alli Murphy are joined by Robyn Raphael, Director of Corporate Partnerships for St. Baldrick’s Foundation ( and Amanda Palm, Director of Communications & Partnerships at Sport Clips ( . The group discusses how St. Baldrick’s signature peer-to-peer head-shaving events – a consistent member of the P2P US Top 30 – led to a natural partnership between the childhood cancer charity and the sports-themed hair care franchise and its stylists. Robyn and Amanda will share their secrets to building a strong working relationship and how they work together to grow both of their businesses.In today’s episode, we’ll explore: • How peer-to-peer fundraising can serve as a platform for employee engagement • What it takes to create & sustain a mutually beneficial partnership • The importance of listening and trust in a nonprofit-corporate partnershipMentioned LinksSt. Baldrick’s Foundation ( @stbaldricks on Facebook ( , Instagram ( , TikTok ( & ThreadsSport Clips ( @sportclipshaircuts – Facebook ( , Instagram ( & TikTok ( Stay Connected on LinkedInConnect with Robyn ( Connect with Amanda ( Connect with Marcie ( Connect with Alli ( Connect with the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum ( Connect with Engage For Good ( • (00:00) – Welcome to the P2P Soapbox • (02:04) – Worlds Collide! Corporate Social Impact + P2P • (03:32) – Introdicing Amanda Palm and Robynand Kent • (08:38) – Shaving for Purpose • (12:20) – The Right Fit Partner • (16:52) – Sustaining through the Pandemic • (21:28) – The Partnership Grows • (24:01) – Questions of Labor and Retention • (32:42) – Trust & Tips • (39:48) – Learn More —-Will we see YOU at the 2024 P2P Professional Forum Conference? Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of peer-to-peer or a seasoned pro, the P2P Professional Forum Conference is really designed for you. Over the course of three days, we’ll dive into a wide range of topics, storytelling, relationship building, creating meaningful event experiences, fostering community among your fundraisers, and so much more.For all of the details, visit ( . Act now through January 31 and use the discount code SOAPBOX to save $50 on your registration!The 2024 P2P Professional Forum ConferenceFebruary 21-23, 2024Philadelphia, PA

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