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Ultimate Guide: How to Spot and Avoid Grant Scams in 2024! ⚠️ [Video]

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Omaha improve infrastructure, small businesses with grant money [Video]

Gov. Jim Pillen joined south Omaha leaders on Friday to talk about grants for the area. The grants will provide money for various projects, including infrastructure and small businesses. It’s all to help the community in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The grants will also go to projects in north Omaha, and the funds come from the American Rescue Plan Act and the state.”This is an incredible investment for our community,” Pillen said.Omaha’s mayor says more than $200 million in grants for north and south Omaha will have lasting impacts.The 130 grants are worth almost $235 million. It includes $116 million for infrastructure. With $3.5 million of the grants, a nonprofit associated with Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in north Omaha plans to build an intergenerational community center.On Friday afternoon, countless state and local leaders gathered to celebrate the announcement, which they said will have a big impact.”What we have an opportunity to do now is take what we’ve always been told. ‘The potential of north Omaha. The potential of south Omaha. Well, we now have a chance to realize that,” said Candice Price.Price and Home Team Auto Sales will receive$1 million, one of 78 small businesses receiving grants.”It’s the realization of the hard work, the dreams, the time and effort that have gone in for so many,” she said.The Nebraska Department of Economic Development believes this will create 9,250 jobs in the next five years and more after that. “This is a transformational opportunity for this neighborhood, for these grantees, and all of their neighbors who they serve. It is because of these leaders that that’s true,” said K.C. Belitz. “That’s just in the next five years in north and south Omaha.”He said the funds are split 50/50 between north and south Omaha.In south Omaha, the Stephen Center is set to receive $10 million to renovate and enhance its addiction recovery program.Leaders said, the money is just the beginning, and the work will happen soon.”If 10 years from now, 15 years from now, if this doesn’t have an effect that can be seen and felt we should be ashamed of ourselves,” said Frank Hayes with Hayes and Associates.Small business grants are the next biggest category, and they are getting $46 million, including $10 million for Midwest Maintenance in south Omaha. Omaha senators Justin Wayne and Terrell McKinney said while Friday’s investment is historic, the say it fell short of the legislature’s promise.In a statement, the senators said over 75% of the funds are for nonprofit projects with little to no economic development. “Continue to perpetuate the community’s reliance on non-profits rather than helping to build an economically self-sustaining community,” said the statement.They added they’re committed to advocate for impactful economic development, saying they believe that is possible through, “the creation of an inland port authority, robust oversight of the airport business park, and zealous community involvement.”See the full list of recipients here. Click here for the latest headlines from KETV NewsWatch 7