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AP African American studies class debuts in 60 US high schools Action News Jax [Video]

AP African American Studies will introduce a new generation of students to the amazingly rich cultural, artistic and political contributions of African Americans, said Trevor Packer, the College Boards senior vice president of AP and instruction.

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Alarming Use of Slack data for AI (opt-out now) [Video]

Last week Slack quietly stated that they were sending all data to their LLM training model. Privacy page on Slack: This is very bad for many reasons, we are just explaining 1.Here is how you opt-out: Contact slack to opt out. If you want to exclude your Customer Data from Slack global models, you can opt out. To opt out, please have your org, workspace owners or primary owner contact our Customer Experience team at with your workspace/org URL and the subject line ‘Slack global model opt-out request’. We will process your request and respond once the opt-out has been completed.—— – Weekly news from the nonprofit – Custom AI built for your – B Corp digital agency – ads, analytics, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital fundraising.