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Empowering K12 Wellness: Strategies to Combat Educator Burnout with Alexis Overstreet, LCSW [Video]

Educator burnout is reaching critical levels across K12 settings, underscoring the urgent need for effective health and wellness strategies. Join us as we speak with Alexis Overstreet, LCSW, a dedicated psychotherapist who empowers educators and schools to tackle these challenges head-on. • Unpack the Effects: Dive into the common physical and emotional side effects of stress, overwhelm, and trauma in educational environments. • Practical Solutions: Discover three actionable strategies to mitigate these effects, complete with a step-by-step guide to integrate these methods into your daily routine seamlessly. • Impact Others: Learn how to apply these insights and strategies within your school or organization, fostering a healthier, more supportive educational environment.SPECIAL GUESTAlexis Overstreet, LCSWCEO, Founder, Therapist, Wellness CoachMetaspace Wellness, North CarolinaEmail: Website: Facebook: @alexis.overstreet @hey.alexis.o USEFUL INFORMATION• Order your copy of my book “Social Media for Schools: Proven Storytelling Strategies & Ideas to Celebrate Your Students & Staff – While Keeping Your Sanity” now! Click here:• Interested in our membership program? Learn more here: RESOURCES:Free Video Training: Learn the simple secrets behind social media for K12 schools! Click here: Sign up for our free e-newsletter – click here: #edtech #k12prtip #k12prchat #k12 #education