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Text Message Marketing Tactics for Political Candidates in 2021 [Video]

Aug 02, 2021

Text message marketing is one of the top choices for political candidates to reach their base in 2021. SMS marketing offers political candidates the opportunity to increase fundraising donations, improve voter turnout, and share their mission with audiences targeted down to their zip codes. Tatango’s text messaging software can send up to 100,000 text messages per minute, which makes it the perfect platform for fast-growing political campaigns

Text message marketing ranks above traditional mailers and email marketing because of its 99 percent open rate, message personalization options, targeted communication, and real-time data analysis. Some Tatango clients average $5 for every $1 invested into their text message marketing. If you’re searching for strategies to use in your political campaign this year, keep reading to learn about the top text message marketing tactics for political organizations in 2021.

SMS Personalization

SMS personalization is one of the most effective tools a political SMS marketer can …

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