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WATCH: The First Trailer For ‘Mufasa: The Lion King’ Has Arrived; Will Feature Music By Lin-Manuel Miranda [Video]

With Marvel Studios only set to release one film this year and nary a Star Wars or Avatar film in sight, Disney will turn to The Lion King prequel, Mufasa: The Lion King, to fill its coveted holiday season release slot.

The second film in Disney’s live-action Lion King franchise, Mufasa, will shift the focus back to Simba’s father and explore the future king’s backstory.

In the Pride Lands, Rafiki tells the story of Mufasa to his granddaughter, Kiara (who will be played by Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy), with Timon and Pumba chiming in.

“What does this young lion look like before he is who we know him as, and he is discovering his rhythm, how he conducts himself, how he engages with his community and his loved ones,” the film’s synopsis reads.

The First Trailer Has Arrived!

Although Mufasa: The Lion King is not set to hit theaters until December 20, Disney has released the first trailer for the upcoming film!

In …

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Family Travel, Single Travel, Couples Travel

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