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Where new license plate readers are going up in Lake County [Video]

LAKE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Peace of mind: it’s what every school system hopes to bring to their community.

Recently, Willoughby Eastlake Schools purchased flock cameras in hopes of maintaining safety on their campus.

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Eastlake Police Chief Larry Reik believes the move is a no-brainer.

“Absolutely. The more the better,” he added.

Never heard of a flock camera?

It’s a tool used mostly by law enforcement.

Essentially, these surveillance devices keep track of license plates.

Whenever a car passes by, it scans the plate to collect as data.

If any red flags linked to criminal activity are found, police know immediately.

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“And then we can get a picture of the plate and conduct an investigation from there,” explained Chief Reik.

In total, the district is purchasing 5 flock cameras via funding from a safety grant.

Two will be installed at Eastlake North High School.

The other three will …

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Grant Writing for Non-Profits

How to create a winning Grant Proposal | Nonprofit Grants [Video]

Grants can be a great funding resource for new Nonprofits looking to start, operate and scale their organizations. But most applications won't be a simple just apply and see if you win, the application will require a GRANT PROPOSAL PACKET to be submitted with the application.In this video we'll discuss all the components of a Grant Proposal. Check out our Complete Grant Proposal Packet: our free Nonprofit Starter Kit and our Free Nonprofit Launcher eCourse: ⬇️ me on TikTok @timwrightii#nonprofit #entrepreneur #501c3 #nonprofitorganization #funding #grants

Grant Writing for Non-Profits

Beyond Sharia: Maarten Holtzapffel on Non-Conformist Ideas in Rumi's Poetry [Video]

Maarten Holtzapffel is PhD candidate for the ERC-Advanced Grant Beyond Sharia: The Role of Sufism in Shaping Islam, (the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 101020403) led by Professor Asghar Seyed-Gohrab.In this video, Maarten elaborates on his PhD research, which examines the philosophy and the reception history of the 13th century Persian poet-mystic Rumi, probably the most widely read Sufi poet in Islamic culture. Maarten Holtzapffel looks, in particular, at how non-conformist ideas in Rumi's poetry transcend religious boundaries, and how such ideas are interpreted in modern time as expressions of humanism.