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Brice Riddell’s Fundraising Page – The Borgen Project [Video]

Name: Brice RiddellLocation: Aberdeen, UKRole: HR Intern

Fundraising Goal: $500

How did you get interested in global issues?After taking part in fundraising during university I have developed a keen interest in current charities and while enrolling in human resource internships I came across The Borgen Project. Through The Borgen Project’s aims and past successes, I found it inspiring that so much can be done through awareness to battle world poverty.

Why are you volunteering your time to serve the world’s poor?I feel it is within everyone’s interest to help. They can try and support the cause of ending world poverty not just for social security but as a global citizen.

Any interesting tidbits to share?I enjoy hiking, running and taking care of animals!

My Compassion/Humility ListI will do the following for any friends and family who donate in my honor. • $20 I will be very grateful • $40 I …


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Welcome Letter to New Nonprofit Board Member- Mind the Gap Consulting [Video]

New board members should feel welcomed and valued. The number one complaint from nonprofit board members is that they never received an orientation. You can set up board members for success by having your chair welcome each new board member formally. Grab this free tool at my site. The link is below. Please share this video with your friends. Grab this and other free tools at Check out my website for lots of freebies, offers, and my blog, Sean Kosofsky, The Nonprofit Fixer Nonprofit consultant, coach, and course creator