Fundraising for Non-profits

Commentary ‘Bout Life – No One Wants to “Beg” for Help Sometimes You Just NEED It Though [Video]

Commentary ‘Bout Life – No One Wants to “Beg” for Help Sometimes You Just NEED It Though

Sometimes life doesn’t just work out how you would like it. Not everybody is afforded the luxury of just working hard and everything ending up as being okay. Sometimes you need more than just hard work. You need help.

I’m in a serious financial pain and could use all the help that I could get. If you are willing and able, please help me out here:

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Hope you enjoy the video. As always, I appreciate the views. Peace.

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Various Charities I Support (that you should too!)

Please come out and support Team BJO for Extra Life, a charity dedicated to helping raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. To donate to and/or join the cause go to one of these links here:

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This channel also supports St Jude Research Hospital for Children and is a part of their Play Live charity drive. For more information on how to join as well as how to donate, please head to the description and click this link:

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Fundraising for Non-profits

2022 Tonaquint Data Center Charity Golf Tournament [Video]

Year after year Tonaquint Data Center raises the bar for Charity Golf Tournaments with unmatched swag giveaways, the world's best jalapeño poppers, and world class people raising money to support the needs of others through charitable contributions. This year was no different as they took to the Ledges of St George, UT and raised a truckload of money for Reach Higher Kings. "Reach Higher is a competitive Christian basketball program instilling positive physical, mental, and moral efficacy for our coaches, our youth players, and the families we touch. In the midst of difficult choices and high pressure environments, Reach Higher is a guiding voice for teens, helping them to run confidently — in basketball and into a future full of hope." Every year Tonaquint hosts a Golf Tournament to raise money for a new charity or cause that eases the financial burden of people living within the community or gives financial support to organizations that rely on sponsorships and donations as their primary sources of income.

Fundraising for Non-profits

Kickstarter Surveys Tutorial [Video]

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