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Concern Worldwide Interview on the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast [Video]

Concern Worldwide Interview on the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

Many of those working in nonprofits, often started in the nonprofit space. This doesn’t mean of course that someone in the for-profit sector cannot transition over. In fact, it is becoming more common. Today’s guest, Colleen Kelly, did just that, switching to the nonprofit sector after working for 30 years in the for-profit world doing marketing and advertising.

Rob’s guest, @ColleenKelly, is the CEO of the US branch of @ConcernWorldwide, Ireland’s largest humanitarian organization. Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization that works to transform the lives of the world’s poorest people.

Colleen explains why she decided to leave her amazing career in marketing and advertising, and how she became CEO of Concern Worldwide. She shares what surprised her most about her transition to the nonprofit sector. Colleen describes the differences in approach when leading for-profit organizations versus nonprofit organizations. She also shares some of the biggest lessons she has learned as a leader, one of which is the importance of delegation. Colleen believes leaders can only level up if they delegate to their team members and help them grow. She describes the mission of Concern Worldwide and shares why they are such a unique nonprofit organization. Finally, Colleen offers practical advice to those looking to transition into the nonprofit sector.

Listen here to the whole podcast:

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