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Give Us Feedback For A Chance To Win A Game Informer Gold Copy Of The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Issue [Video]

For every issue of Game Informer magazine, we print a handful of Game Informer Gold editions. These versions sometimes feature alternate art, have a gold embossed logo on the front, are individually numbered and feature higher quality paper. They’re very nice, and we reserve them for special occasions like charity auctions or, as is the case here, giveaways.

For the recent Final Fantasy VII Rebirth issue featuring both Cloud and Sephiroth awash in an ocean of flame, we have two Game Informer Gold editions we are prepared to send to readers. For a chance at winning one of these collectible issues, we want to hear from you about what’s on your mind about gaming and Game Informer. Send a message to our Feedback for a chance to be featured in our monthly magazine letters column.

If you fill out the form below before February 12, 2024, you will be entered to win one of two Game Informer Gold copies of …

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