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Historic salado structure moved a mile to preserve history [Video]

The historic 1908 Old Church Place, which is 115 years old, was successfully moved to a new location on April 2.

SALADO, Texas — After months of planning and fundraising, the historic 1908 Old Church Place in Salado was successfully moved to a new location on Tuesday, April 2.

The relocation of the 115-year-old building is part of the Salado Historical Society’s (SHS) efforts to preserve and promote the rich history of the village. The move of the 1908 Old Church Place is to reflect some of the first pioneers who helped build the village.

“This building is representing that early establishment of religion in Salado,” said Bill Kinnison, president of SHS. “They’re not the only ones, there were other denominations, but if they didn’t have a place to meet they might not have grown as they did.”

Kinnison explained to 6 News that the 1908 Old Church Placewas the second Church of Christ that was built in Salado because the first one …

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