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How Canton is trying to reduce panhandling [Video]

CANTON, Ohio — In an effort to address the issue of panhandling while still providing support to those in need, the City of Canton has implemented a new initiative.

Thirty-seven signs have been erected in areas frequented by panhandlers, directing passersby to a website listing eight local nonprofit organizations.

According to Canton Mayor William Sherer, panhandling itself is a legal act, but the city hopes this initiative will reduce the prevalence of panhandlers on its streets.

“There’s so many different issues out there,” Sherer says. “It could be hunger… it could be homelessness… It could be addiction. It could be mental health.”

The website,, currently features a list of eight nonprofits.

Dan Flowers, President and CEO of the Akron Canton Food Bank, says people should donate the way they want. It certainly is needed.

“There really is a perfect storm of inflation… economic anxiety… that people are experiencing and driving a lot of people into food pantries right now.”

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Places To Donate

News Channel 11 packs 500+ food boxes for Good Samaritan Ministries on Founders Day [Video]

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) Members of the News Channel 11 team packed about 550 boxes of food for Good Samaritan Ministries as part of the teams Founders Day celebration. Every year, Nexstar Media Group stations across the country participate in Founders Day, a day when the teams give back to their communities through service. []