Fundraising for Non-profits

I quit my job at the Nonprofit I started. How I knew it was time. [Video]

I quit my job at the Nonprofit I started. How I knew it was time.

I started a nonprofit years ago, and this year, I resigned from my position as Executive Director. #Nonprofits #NonprofitCEO #nonprofitorganization

In this video I want to explore – how do you know it’s time for you to move on from the nonprofit you started as its founder? I’ll share my personal experiences and thought process.

If you are starting or growing a nonprofit, thinking about it, or have just started a nonprofit, or KNOW someone who is trying to start a nonprofit, I hope this helps!


Starting A Nonprofit: What does an Executive Director DO, exactly?

Starting A Nonprofit: Your First 3 Years (What to Do / Expect!)

Fundraising for Nonprofit Start-Ups: 6 Tips


00:00 Welcome
01:33 My background starting a nonprofit
03:20 Personal growth
06:38 Organization Life Cycle Phase
09:02 Solid Systems and Succession Process
11:14 What to ask yourself


Hi! I’m Amber, a nonprofit founder, former Executive Director, and public speaker on social impact, changemaking, nonprofits, leadership, and more.

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Fundraising for Non-profits

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Fundraising for Non-profits

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