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Inside unfinished 175-a-night Qatar fan village with sweltering 37C container cabins and builders are still at work [Video]

WORLD Cup fans are facing sweltering 37C container cabins with broken air conditioning units, dirty water and builders still working on the unfinished camps.

Qatar has a popped up a number of temporary villages to help accommodate the more than one million fans expected to descend for the sporting extravaganza.

Sun man Oliver Harvey stayed at one of the £175-a-night cabins near DohaCredit: Dan Charity
Temperatures inside our cabin hit highs to 37C – and the air conditioner was brokenCredit: Dan Charity
The tube connecting the air con unit to the outside wasn’t set up – leaving a gaping hole in the wallCredit: Dan Charity
Parts of the fan village simply looked unfinishedCredit: Dan Charity
Workmen were still on site even as fans moved in for the World CupCredit: Dan Charity

But despite billions of pounds being ploughed into infrastructure – including an entirely new city– some of it appears to …

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Resources for Nonprofit Directors

Walking Downtown Pensacola Florida on Gallery Night [4K] [Video]

Take a walk with me around Downtown Pensacola Florida on Gallery Night. I end up going up and down the main strip on Palafox and then on the sidewalks to get different angles of this special celebration. Gallery Night Pensacola is a nonprofit organization with a dedicated goal of inspiring culture, engagement, and the practice of arts of all types in an entertaining event for all ages and walks of life. The monthly events focus on specific themes, highlight featured artists, and recruit the best creators our area has to offer. On this specific night in Downtown Pensacola Florida, the theme was "Dancin" in the Streets". Join my new channel "Krypto Foodie" where I film food art and donate the food to the homeless and urban poor communities, more content to be added soon! =)'t forget to comment, like, subscribe and hit that NOTIFICATION BELL for more videos! =) Krypto Trekker Merchandise is here! the KT Family, become a MEMBER here: my videos? Buy me a coffee =) GEAR: you use your computer all the time? Earn BITCOIN while watching Youtube, Browsing the Internet, or Playing Games Online, it's just that simple!Step 1—install CryptoTab Browser Step 2—use it on a daily basis Step 3—earn BTC and withdraw it easily anytime. Start earning now: Invest for your Future (My favorite investment app) my link to get $5 Bonus! For USA and Australia Residents only.Be Anonymous - Online Privacy and Protection - Free 30 Day Trial (Express VPN) Crypto While You Explore // Get 1,000 Free Coins (use app link below, it's FREE) MEDIA:- Facebook, TikTok, (@kryptotrekker)- Soundcloud (Audio only, ASMR, Binaural Sounds - No Ads): Instagram, @kryptotrekker - Twitter, @KTrekker FREE STOCK VIDEO FOOTAGE: (All filmed by me) Your Youtube Business to the next level: my link and I can assist you with getting started)Are you a Walktuber? Join our Global Walktuber Group: use of our videos is subject to criminal copyright case. Send us a message for business inquiries.Contact:kryptotrekker@gmail.comSUPPORT MY CHANNEL VIA CRYPTO:Bitcoin:bc1q7cmmc70dlmfwyuamxtqr8wl9a6equvwc0r9geyEthereum0x63633366736a58e096020e1c268bb7cAb24663fC