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Inside unfinished 175-a-night Qatar fan village with sweltering 37C container cabins and builders are still at work [Video]

WORLD Cup fans are facing sweltering 37C container cabins with broken air conditioning units, dirty water and builders still working on the unfinished camps.

Qatar has a popped up a number of temporary villages to help accommodate the more than one million fans expected to descend for the sporting extravaganza.

Sun man Oliver Harvey stayed at one of the £175-a-night cabins near DohaCredit: Dan Charity
Temperatures inside our cabin hit highs to 37C – and the air conditioner was brokenCredit: Dan Charity
The tube connecting the air con unit to the outside wasn’t set up – leaving a gaping hole in the wallCredit: Dan Charity
Parts of the fan village simply looked unfinishedCredit: Dan Charity
Workmen were still on site even as fans moved in for the World CupCredit: Dan Charity

But despite billions of pounds being ploughed into infrastructure – including an entirely new city– some of it appears to …

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Resources for Nonprofit Directors

The Secret To Nonprofit's Social Media [Video]

Nonprofit's have two audiences to focus on when it comes to social media; their investor donors and the people they serve. Curating the multiple paths is best traveled with a focus on authenticity and real time interactions that serve the mission. From, CEO Nicole Porter, shares her professional advice. / . . .This is a recent episode of The Nonprofit Show, the Nation’s daily live telecast, where the Nonprofit and Social Impact Community comes together each weekday discussing important topics from money to management to missions. If you lead or work for a nonprofit, social impact or service organization, or are thinking of starting a nonprofit, is an excellent resource of current nonprofit information and operating strategies to make your social impact amazing. Each weekday there are new guest experts on the fast-paced 30-minute LIVE show, with topics ranging across nonprofit boards, foundations, grant funding, volunteer managers, donor relations, fundraising experts, NPO marketing, grant writers, philanthropy donors, nonprofit legal and tax professionals, CFRE info, nonprofit donor and crm software, charity tax expertise, virtual galas, charity auctions, online nonprofit charity event programs, social impact strategic planning, fundraising and fund development, fiscal sponsorships, capital campaigns, community impact analysis, donation management, nonprofit jobs, donor advised funds, nonprofit HR, nonprofit classes, training, global NGO organizations, as well as nonprofit sector Thought Leaders. Listen to the Show on your favorite podcast channel. The American Nonprofit Academy provides our Nation’s nonprofit social impact community collective News, Inspirations, and Training. #fundraising #nonprofit #socialimpact

Resources for Nonprofit Directors

CHD Files Comments with FCC Urging Accommodation of Millions of People Sickened by Wireless Radiation Children's Health Defense [Video]

Press Release For Immediate Release On May 16, Children’s Health Defense and 50 other nonprofits, safe technology and disability advocacy groups filed legal comments with the Federal Communications Commission in response to the FCC’s request for comment on how to “prevent and eliminate digital discrimination.” The proceeding was required by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs […]