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MEF Grant: Travis MS students study environment | McAllen ISD [Video]

MEF Grant: Travis MS students study environment | McAllen ISD

Students at McAllen ISD’s Travis Middle School are taking a deep dive into how underground water functions. It’s a hands-on experience thanks to a generous grant from the McAllen Education Foundation.

The McAllen Education Foundation was formed in 1996. In its history, the foundation has funded 422 grants worth nearly $565,223 and benefited more than 59,805 students. The Foundation provides support to help foster excellence and enhance educational opportunities for students in McAllen ISD by funding Innovative Teaching Grants. The Foundation is a philanthropic, tax-exempt, public corporation that operates independently of McAllen ISD and is governed by a board made up of business and civic leaders from the community. For information on sponsorship opportunities, visit the Foundation website at or call 956-618-6023.

To learn more about McAllen ISD’s exciting schools and programs, contact Student Outreach at 956-687-MISD (6473).

MITV is the television station owned and operated by McAllen ISD.

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Grant Writing for Non-Profits

No Demand for Grant Writers Think Again! [Video]

You’re juggling multiple roles at your nonprofit, from donor management to being an unofficial grant writer, and it's all getting a bit too much. Feeling swamped and unsure if a career in grant writing is even worth it? 🤔 Let’s clear the air! Haleigh Jinkins is here to dish out the need-to-know facts that prove not only is grant writing a booming career choice, but it's also super lucrative. 💸 She’ll guide you through how freelancing can give you the freedom you crave while building a successful career. Plus, you’ll see why there’s a massive demand for skilled grant professionals. Stick around to uncover why you might be the grant superhero nonprofits are searching for! 🌟How could you get into grant writing and build a career in it? Here is training on how to do that without volunteering or having prior experience: 👉 with AI, check out video here: 👉 graduated from college, here is a video for post grad tips: 👉 Stressing about your niche, watch the video here: 👉 out this playlist: Freelance Grant Writing & Grant Writing Jobs 👉 Once upon a time, a grant writer unearthed a big problem: there were no options for learning to write grants in a modern, refreshing way. Existing options were “old school” and expensive.The idea? Create an online learning experience that makes grant writing approachable and fun.Learn Grant Writing was founded on the belief that our time should be spent adding real value to our communities and leading fulfilling lives.You're in the right place if you want to...🔸 explore your curiosity🔸 change careers🔸 freelance grant write🔸 volunteer, or🔸 improve an existing skill.No sugar coating it! Grant writing is hard work. But, if it fits your personality and goals, it can be life changing. Getting professionally trained in grant writing can save you years of mistakes and lost grants, make you indispensable, and give you wonderful lifestyle flexibility. You can become a grant writing unicorn 🦄 faster than you might realize. Learn more: for new weekly videos: Watch this video about Grant Writing for Beginners: the 7 Steps to Writing a Grant: Grant Writing Course: Grants. Get Paid:’s Connect...Website: insert linkLinkedIn:🧡 The Team at Learn Grant Writing

Grant Writing for Non-Profits

How to create a winning Grant Proposal | Nonprofit Grants [Video]

Grants can be a great funding resource for new Nonprofits looking to start, operate and scale their organizations. But most applications won't be a simple just apply and see if you win, the application will require a GRANT PROPOSAL PACKET to be submitted with the application.In this video we'll discuss all the components of a Grant Proposal. Check out our Complete Grant Proposal Packet: our free Nonprofit Starter Kit and our Free Nonprofit Launcher eCourse: ⬇️ me on TikTok @timwrightii#nonprofit #entrepreneur #501c3 #nonprofitorganization #funding #grants

Grant Writing for Non-Profits

Beyond Sharia: Maarten Holtzapffel on Non-Conformist Ideas in Rumi's Poetry [Video]

Maarten Holtzapffel is PhD candidate for the ERC-Advanced Grant Beyond Sharia: The Role of Sufism in Shaping Islam, (the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 101020403) led by Professor Asghar Seyed-Gohrab.In this video, Maarten elaborates on his PhD research, which examines the philosophy and the reception history of the 13th century Persian poet-mystic Rumi, probably the most widely read Sufi poet in Islamic culture. Maarten Holtzapffel looks, in particular, at how non-conformist ideas in Rumi's poetry transcend religious boundaries, and how such ideas are interpreted in modern time as expressions of humanism.